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                  M-35 Specifications

 Top speed 20 + MPH
 Range  16 - 18 Miles
 Engine  Gas powered Honda 4-Stroke  
 Fuel type  Regular unleaded
 Power   1.4 HP
 Length  55"
 Width (deck)  9.5"
 Weight (dry)  47 lbs
 Frame type  Strut activated front wheel control, linear rear wheel drive
 Frame composition  High strength aluminum
 Maximum load  250  lbs
 Forward wheel  base  44"
 Rear wheel  base  14"
 Front wheel  Zytel Nylon rim, 410/350-4 pneumatic tire, 10" diameter
 Rear wheel  Aluminum rim, 410/350-4 pneumatic tire, 10" diameter
 Control wheels  Zytel Nylon rims, 280/250-4 pneumatic tires, 8.5" diameter
 Suspension  4 way (Quadra flex), with adjustable center monoshock, spring activated control  wheels,  and floating front wheel axle
 Braking  Cable activated rear disc brake
 Bindings  Motoblade quick-release semibinders
 Handpiece  Control Baton with cable activated throttle and brake levers
 Engine  make/model  Honda GX 35
 Engine type  4-Stroke, single cylinder, overhead cam gasoline engine
 Displacement   35.8 cc
 Bore x Stroke  1.50 x 1.20"
 Max. output / RPM  1.4 HP @ 7000 RPM
 Max. torque / RPM  1.76 @ 5500 RPM
 Carburetor  Diaphragm type
 Fuel tank  capacity  .65 liters (.68 quart)
 Starting system  Recoil pull start
 EPA phase 2 compliant                     
 C.A.R.B. tier II compliant  Yes
 Transmission  7:1 gear reduction with centrifugal clutch, live axle jackshaft
 Drive element  #25 engine chain, #25 drive chain, freewheel rear sprocket and hub
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