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All Motoblade products are manufactured in the U.S. at our Vancouver, Wa facility,
assuring the highest possible quality of our powerboards. 

For questions or comments regarding the Motoblade products, please contact us
via the following:

Call  or  
Text        360 624-3599

Motoblade Powerboards are for ages 16 and up with adult supervision.
Please wear a helmet and protective gear at all times when riding a Motoblade product.  
For a full list of Motoblade replacement parts,  please refer to our parts page

                                                 Warranty - Terms of Use

Motoblade warrants that each of its products is free from defects in material and workmanship
under normal operating conditions and according to proper use for a period of 120 days from 
the date of original purchase.  All engines used on Motoblade products further include a one year
factory warranty from the corresponding engine manufacturer. Normal operating conditions require
adequate fuel / oil ratio and / or routine care and maintenance by the purchaser of the product as
outlined in the owners manual. Proper use means that the Motoblade transportation product is to
be used only in the manner intended for personal transportation of a single rider with proper safety
equipment in accordance with local regulations during daylight hours. 

In express consideration for purchasers execution of the limited warranty and liability agreement,
Motoblade will repair or replace any part or component, other than tires, of the M-35 or M-40  
transportation product free of charge to the original purchaser who registers his/her product .  
Shipping costs will be at the purchasers’ expense.  This warranty does not apply to any powerboard
that has been subject to abuse, misuse, negligence, or accident.  Any modification of the product
shall void this express limited warranty. 

Motoblade assumes no liability for any misuse of any of its transportation products. Under this
limited warranty and liability agreement Motoblade shall have no obligation and the purchaser or
user shall have no remedy against Motoblade its officers, agents or assigns for any damages,
including without limitation, incidental, consequential, special,punitive damages arising from direct
or indirect injury to person or property, or any other loss, whether or not occasioned by negligence,
or otherwise, on the part of Motoblade.  

Purchaser acknowledges that there is an inherent risk in the operation of powered landboards and
herewith assumes the risk of any injury arising from operation of any Motoblade product.

NOTICE: Your Homeowners Insurance may not cover either Direct or Third Party Liability Claims
arising from use of these products.

                                                                   Street Legality

Motoblade products are often used as PTV's (Personal  transportation Vehicles), over local streets
and roadways.  In most circumstances this is legal under state and local laws and codes regarding the
closest applicable category,  'motorized foot scooters'.
However as we like to point out, are products are BOARDS, not scooters, and as such fall into a gray
area of motor vehicle laws, as there is very little documentation pertaining to motorized BOARDS on
public roads in any sense of the term. 

It has been our experience that if normal  traffic laws are obeyed and people ride in a safe manner,
street legality is generally a non issue. It is recommended the purchaser or user of our motorized
landboards research their local codes if the use is primarily intended for public roads.

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